dog walking southampton

I have almost 20 years of experience in owning and taking care of different animals – hamsters, cats, dogs and even horses.

I love all the animals, but dogs are my passion – their behaviour, training and fun agility. I was working with dogs in different kinds of environments – shelter, dog hotel and dog school and I even went to Norway to see how it is to work with sledding huskies – it’s great fun!

I understand that a good walk is not just simply walking – it’s having fun, exploring, interactions with other people and dogs, smelling new things. Because a good dog is a tired dog! Your dog might come back home a bit dirty, but he/she will definitely be very happy and relaxed. And I will give him or her a towel dry after a walk.

It’s always important to keep learning new things in your field, that’s why I’m trying to attend courses and seminars on animal behaviour and welfare. Here are a few I have done:

  • COAPE Think Dog [link]
  • First Aid for cats and dogs in Winchester Sparsholt College [link]
  • Animal Welfare and Behavior in University of Edinburgh [link]
  • Canine Nutrition and Raw Feeding [link]
  • Simple Solutions for Common Behaviour & Training Problems by Ian Dunbar, president of APDT