I know there areĀ  many dogs who are crazy about running after balls. Mine is – the amounts of destroyed and lost tennis balls is uncountable!;) I tried many different kinds of balls and the absolute winner for me is Chuck it! ball – it’s my favorite, but also my […]

Recomended: balls!

Quick and easy to made dog toy. All you need is: inside from kitchen roll treats (not too soft) 1. Preparation: kitchen roll and treats, I used home made liver cookies. They are healthy and smell nice. 2. Roll one end like on the picture. 3. Put treats inside and […]

DIY toys part 1

When the weather is too bad to go for your daily long walk, try indoor games. They’re good to make yours dog mind engaged and it will make him tired too. 1. Seek and hide Take couple of smelly and tasty treats and hide them all over your place. Make […]

Rainy day games