DIY toys part 1

dog toys southampton dog walking

Quick and easy to made dog toy. All you need is:

  • inside from kitchen roll
  • treats (not too soft)

diy toys dog walking southampton

1. Preparation: kitchen roll and treats, I used home made liver cookies. They are healthy and smell nice.

2. Roll one end like on the picture.

diy toys dog walking southampton

3. Put treats inside and roll the other end like on the picture 2

4. Ready! Give it to your dog and let him work out how to get to sweets.

That ‘toy’ will not occupy your dog for really long, and it’s probably better for smaller breeds but it could be something new and enjoyable for him. Also there is not much cleaning involved after dog will rip paper to pieces:)

Always supervise your dog – don’t let him eat the paper!