Recomended: balls!

I know there are  many dogs who are crazy about running after balls. Mine is – the amounts of destroyed and lost tennis balls is uncountable!;)

I tried many different kinds of balls and the absolute winner for me is Chuck it! ball – it’s my favorite, but also my dog’s! Those are not just a balls – you can choose from lots of options – glowing, whistling, unpredictable bouncing etc. My dog has been playing, fetching and chewing and sharing them with other dogs for 2 years now and they don’t have a single scratch on them!

We have two kinds of Chuck it! balls: Max Glow and The Whistler.

Max Glow allows you to play fetch even when it’s dark. I put the ball under table lamp for couple of minutes and it’s enough for at least 20 min of play, but the longer ball stays under light – then it’s glowing brighter and for longer.



The Whistler – comes in blue and orange. It whistles while flying so it’s easier for a dog to locate and I guess it adds fun to game.207833011_0_640x640

I like Chuck it! balls for their durability – they are a bit more expensive than tennis balls, but lets face it – it’s better to pay a bit more, but they last forever! They comes in great colors – great for dogs – blue, yellow and orange is what they see best – not so many toy brands think about it. The other thing is – easy to clean as they are made of rubber and I think dogs like how they feel in their mouth. Balls have holes in them – I like to think that in case of chocking it will be easier to take it out – so added safety.

All of them come in couple of sizes, so it’s easy to pick the right one for you pooch: S(5cm), M(6,5cm), L(7,5), and some in XL(9cm).

Check out the whole range here

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KONG AirDog Squeaker41yKitlrQ6L

Not indestructible (but what is?) but last much longer then any tennis ball and comes with a squeaker! Available as single (Pets At Home) or pack of 3 (quite cheap at Range). Give it a go, your dog will love it:)

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